about the company
The dynamically developing KIBROLOGY group of companies is involved in completely different spheres of activities such as, sectors of the economy, education of children and provision of services for outstaffing qualified IT specialists on the European and American markets.
what we do
Our team values the quality of the services provided, and every day trys to create breakthrough solutions for the field of education, information technology and business in order to successfully implement the goals set starting from the idea to the finished product.

Outstaffing has long been a priority in the personnel policy of large European and American companies. A service that allows the legal use of the freelance workforce and allows the employer to save time and money, which is one of the most valuable services in such a competitive modern world.
Knowledge helps a person to get to know themselves better and to understand this world as something more than just awareness of the present and the future. Many believe, but we are deeply convinced that it is never too late to learn. Education is important at every stage of our lives, and it allows us to always remain relevant in a world with such great competition in artificial intelligence and global digitalization.
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